Four Ways to Be More Popular This Halloween

A Halloween pumpkin blow-upHalloween is a fun time of the year for young people. Heck, it’s also a fun time for adults. Or, it can be, if they allow themselves to have fun. As a teacher, Halloween is a great time to increase your overall popularity and connect with your students. After all, the best way to increase your popularity, and your overall success with your kids, is to share common interests. Read on to learn our four tips to have a popular Halloween with your students.

Tip One: Dress Up

At my former school, teachers were allowed to dress up. The students absolutely loved to see their teachers in a costume. I’m not sure why, but I think it humanized an authority figure. Seeing us in funny or scary costumes helped them connect with us on a more human level.

Yet, where I taught fewer than half of the teachers (and none of the administrators) dressed up. Perhaps they couldn’t be bothered or thought it made them less authoritative. That’s the wrong attitude. Students know you are an authority figure. Be a human being for a day. Also, putting a little effort in a costume can pay big dividends in terms of rapport building.

Tip Two: Candy!

I’m a health nut, but I also recognize that some days, especially holidays, it’s important to let go a little. So, even if it makes them a little hyper and is unhealthy, give out something sweet to your students. This is true even if they’re in high school. Believe it or not, a small gift from you could earn you a lot of respect and admiration from your students. Many of them have never received a gift from a teacher, especially as teens.

Tip Three: Decorate

If you have a classroom of your own, then decorate it for Halloween. You don’t have to go overboard, but put a few decorations around your room. If you can find something really cool and memorable, it’s even better. Cool Halloween decorations will get students talking about you and let them think you’re creative and unique. It’s always good, for both their respect and popularity, to stand out from the crowd.

Tip Four: Loosen Up

You don’t always have to be a strict disciplinarian. If you’re a little on the stricter side (which is OK), then maybe Halloween is a good time to relax yourself just a little bit. Once again, it allows the students to see a different and softer side of you. Keeping control of your classroom is essential. Being controlling isn’t. Let Halloween be a time to mellow out a little bit.

Here’s hoping you have a safe, fun, and popular Halloween!

About Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett is an administrator, author, and speaker with a background in teaching. His articles receive over a million hits per year and have appeared in a variety of publications. He is co-owner of the small business Theta Hill, and he also writes for The Popular Teen, The Popular Man and other sites.