Getting That Friday Feeling On Monday Through Thursday

A girl with her arms wrapped around a few pumpkins in midst of lots of them

This is cute. Laugh

I think it is funny how everyone on my Facebook feed gets excited about Friday. I knew I was getting older when my friends and I began talking about how great Fridays are. Of course, the other, often unspoken, component of all that Friday love is the strong dislike of Monday through Thursday.

First, I think it is a real issue that most people really do dread Monday through Thursday. “Work” has become less of a “calling” related to improving your life and that of others through meaningful labor, and more about eking out a meager existence by being indentured to a faceless company to be able to afford more cheap plastic crap you won’t have time to enjoy anyway because you work too much and are paralyzed by stress. This is a post in its entirety, which I promise is coming soon. The whole way we view work and its place in our lives need massively re-imagined in the Western world…but like I said, I will tackle that later in a few posts, or maybe a book.

I have mentioned over and over and over and over (did I mention over and over) again that reality is not “out there” but inside your head. Emotionally neutral events happen and your response and/or feelings result. Your reaction depends on what is going on inside your head. A major concert promoter in the center of Manhattan hates rain; a Midwestern farmer living through a drought loves it.

On Fridays, most of us view the world differently. We give ourselves permission to think and act in ways we normally wouldn’t. We are relaxed. We have a good time. We understand that work will wait until Monday. Bosses give employees a break, and the entire atmosphere is more easy-going. People may even be allowed to go home early. For professionals, Friday creates a kind of mass perpetual shift.

But…can you imagine taking the thoughts and actions that make Friday so good and transfer them to Monday through Thursday? Can you approach Monday the same way you do Friday? Can you allow your business or organization do the same?

Sure you can do it. A day of the week doesn’t determine whether you are happy. You can be happy today. It’s doesn’t have to be Friday for you to be relaxed and cool to your co-workers. Do that today. Do it now!

One easy way is to become aware of your feelings on Fridays. What do you feel? When you are feeling these good feelings, set an anchor. Squeeze your index finger and thumb together Every time you feel those good feelings, do this. This is called “setting an anchor” in Neurolinguistic Programming. Then, on Monday-Thursday, whenever you need that “Friday boost” just “fire” that anchor by squeezing your index finger and thumb. The key thing is that you recall those feelings and thoughts that make Friday so great. You don’t even need to anchor the feeling. Just purposefully recall that Friday feeling and act on it.

Or if you need a quick boost of happy feelings, look at the photo above right of my niece!

So, next time you are on Facebook, I hope you’ll be posting TGIM, TGIT, TGIW…and so forth, to impress and baffle your friends. Every day can feel just like Friday!

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