Lower Carb Diet For More Mental and Physical Stability?

Eggs sitting on a tableFor the last few months I have been trying a “lower carb” diet. I have always considered “bad carbs” to be problematic, and by this I mean things like white flour and white sugar. However, I have been trying to lose a few last extra pounds, so I decided to go “lower carb” by reducing my net carbohydrates below 100-130 grams.

I did end up losing an extra seven pounds over the course of a month, which for me is a good number. However, I started to see some other mental and physical benefits as well. As a teacher, I almost always experience some post-lunch tiredness. I found out that I didn’t get my afternoon “low” when as I have eaten lower carb. I also discovered that I wasn’t have my nightly cravings for food – and lots of it.

Now, I am not suggesting “low” carb is realistic on a daily basis. However, “lower carb” has worked very well for me, and I could see myself sticking with it for quite awhile. I love a lot of the food choices I can eat, and I have eaten a lot of fish, eggs, and chicken. I do miss regularly eating some of my favorite foods like whole wheat pizza and whole wheat pasta. When I eat out, I avoid things like fries and rice, and I replace them with coleslaw, broccoli, and green beans.

The only problem has been eating a variety of food, and getting my fiber levels to the desirable 30 grams/day. I have eaten a lot of peanuts and peanut products, as well as nut products, like almonds (peanuts are not really nuts by the way). The good news is that peanuts and nuts are rich in monounsaturated fats, associated with lower risk of heart disease, as well as weight loss. I have kept my fiber high pretty much only by supplementing with powdered fiber supplements.

No matter what, I have been happy with the general level of physical and mental stability that I believe is coming from this lower carb eating plan.

So, has anybody else tried a “lower carb” diet? If so, what kind of results have you gotten?

About David Bennett

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