Make the Most of Election Day

I voted OhioWe’ve already discussed the importance of being non-partisan in the classroom. Today, we want to talk a little more about the importance of voting and how to impart that to your students.

It’s Not Just A Social Studies Thing

If one of your students started bleeding in your math class, you wouldn’t send him to the health teacher. No, you’d deal with it. Well, the same is true of teaching the value of voting. It doesn’t matter what the class you teach: you are a citizen or resident of your country and should want to teach those values to your students. How can you do it? For starters…

Integrate It Into Your Curriculum

No matter the class, there is a way to bring the value of voting into your lesson plans. You may have to be creative, but that’s what you get paid for!

For example, a health class can talk about the healthcare crisis and how voting can impact that. A math class can discuss the accuracy of polls and the statistics. Make sure that the students understand that they, as a group, can impact the future.

Show, Don’t Tell

Don’t just talk about voting; actually do it. Let your students know about your voting process. Although I don’t recommend promoting one candidate over the other, it’s good for your students to know that you participated in the process. Even if you’re cynical about the government, at least let your students think they can make a difference.

Remember to cast your vote. The political process isn’t perfect, but it is a system that has served the United States well for over two hundred years.

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