Making Everyone More Bland

Christmas tree with decorationsYesterday a friend was telling me about how her son’s elementary school essentially banned holidays and birthday parties. It was done in the name of not being offensive and making sure that no one felt left out. I don’t know if they caught the irony of offending hundreds of families and leaving out hundreds of children by canceling Christmas, Halloween, and birthdays.

Sadly, this seems to be the trend among some educators. I can’t say the exact reasons, but I’ll list three of my guess why below.

Political Correctness

Many teachers have been educated in college programs that emphasized political correctness. As a result, they think their classrooms must be as non-offensive as possible to minorities. Rather than respecting and honoring minority traditions, they neuter the majority in the mistaken belief that this is somehow inclusive.

Bland Is Easy

It’s much easier to be bland rather than actually take the effort to manage individual students. For example, banning Christmas for all requires the stroke of a pen. Dealing with a few families who don’t like a particular holiday can be time consuming and a headache, especially if they’re vocal. Canceling on the silent majority is a lot easier.

The Weakness of the Current Model

The current model of education is a big reason why blandness reigns. We are still stuck in a one size fits all system. With the digital and internet age, there’s no reason why we have to cram a bunch of kids in one space and expect them all to conform. But, we do. Combine that with a diverse student body and trouble starts. Respecting diversity and insisting on conformity leads to the current trend of blandness.

I hope this blandness in education can be stopped. As a child, I loved the holiday activities and still recall them fondly. We had Jehovah’s Witness students who didn’t celebrate them. But, they managed. It’s a shame that some schools and their leaders can’t.

About Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett is an administrator, author, and speaker with a background in teaching. His articles receive over a million hits per year and have appeared in a variety of publications. He is co-owner of the small business Theta Hill, and he also writes for The Popular Teen, The Popular Man and other sites.