What Is A Popular Teacher?

Hello everyone!

This is a website dedicated to being a popular teacher. We all know the “popular teachers,” right? Students love them, and look forward to their classes. Students may even give them presents, compliment them, and throw them birthday parties. Parents love popular teachers, because they work with parents and communicate clearly with them. Administrators love popular teachers, because popular teachers make their jobs easier. Teachers usually love popular teachers (unless they are jealous of them), because popular teachers bring the morale and “energy” of the entire building to a higher level.

Now, I know you probably have bad images of what it means to be “popular” so let me dispel these myths right now!

Some teachers are popular, but not for the right reasons. If a teacher doesn’t help students learn, has an inappropriate relationship with a student, etc, then they are not popular by our definition of the term. So, what makes teachers popular?

Popular teachers are well-liked, and therefore, effective. Students want to learn from them, and do.

Popular teachers are flexible, so they do whatever it takes to help students learn and thrive. Sometimes this may mean giving students breaks if it helps them become better students.

Popular teachers are excellent, which is to say they are good teachers.

Popular teachers are funny, which helps students and parents be at ease and learn more.

Popular teachers know how to build rapport with students, parents, and administrators.

Popular teachers are good speakers and communicators  which keeps relationships with students, parents, and other teachers on a positive level.

Stop back, contribute to the conversation, and have fun! This site is all about being the teacher you always wanted to be!


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