Why Teachers Need to Learn and Model Popularity

A scientific study suggests that popularity in high school is a good indicator of later success, as has been mentioned on our sister site The Popular Teen. Before I begin this post, I should note that even though I used an image of money for this post, this website’s philosophy is that success is much more than just money, and includes friends, family, health, faith, and so forth.

I suspect the reason for this correlation is simple, which is that if you are genuinely popular (and not “popular” because others fear you), you naturally have the thought patterns and skills that lead to success. Of course somebody that attracts people in high school is going to have the same effect later in life.

If you are popular, whether in high school or beyond, you probably:

– Are relaxed and don’t get worked up easily, versus being full of stress and drama.

– Have a sense of humor instead of getting offended by everything.

– Are a great communicator, privately and in front of a group, rather than shy and awkward.

– Are excellent at a few things, as opposed to not having any hobbies or interests.

– Empathetic instead of judgmental.

– Confident and Assertive as opposed to aggressive, passive, or passive-aggressive.

– Entertaining and charming instead of boring.

So where do you as a teacher fit in? If these traits lead to success, then it is important for you as a teacher to model them for your students. 

We learn a lot in our educational classes, but nobody has ever taught us how to be these things right? We assume that these traits are inborn and maybe even genetic. Wrong! The Popular Teacher will teach you how to think like a popular person and act like one too. At first it may be difficult, but eventually your brain will rewire and the new, popular, you will come as naturally as shyness came to the “old” you. Keep coming back to this site, and be sure to join our communities of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and even Pinterest.


About David Bennett

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